Serving on average 2,600 children, women and families, annually, we are devoted to the well-being of children in all walks of life. By providing access to a safe home and family life, health of mind and body, children, adults and families can achieve their greatest potential. It is with these supports that our most vulnerable citizens can make contributions that have a positive impact in our communities. Methodist Services provides life enriching services to children, adults and families as they face the challenges of limited resources, increased poverty and homelessness, disability, inequities in education and behavioral health services. Quality services provided include housing, child care, education programs, permanence in families, mental health services and nutrition programs.


Kathrine Martin
& Chief Executive Officer

Cynthia Roberts Benton
Vice President
& Chief Financial Officer

Beth Abrams
Associate Vice President
of Operations

Tracie Chandler
Associate Vice President
of Human Resources
& Quality Assurance

Anita Howard
Associate Vice President
of Business Systems

Carole Boughter
Director of Development

Heather Stutz
Administrator of
Educational Programs

Beth Sucro
Administrator of
Community Counseling Services

Zaréya Lewis
Administrator of
Community Services Programs

Sandra Fernandez
Administrator of
Housing Programs

Administrator of Facilities

Board of Directors

Methodist Services
Methodist Home for Children

Gina Golson-Nunery, Chair
Ericka Brown-Boulware
Jerry Burhop
Robert Coombe
Kali Curran
Lawrence Dodds
Regina Lojpersberger

Thais McNeal
Randall Miller
James Robinson
Sanford Sorkin
Kimberly Bridges-White
Paul Wolfgang

TBD, Ex-Officio

Methodist Home for Children Foundation

Charles Sorkin, Chair
William Hill

Ernest May
Shawn Mooring
Eleanor Roberts
Larry Wiltshire


Methodist Home for Children arose from the sensitivity of women in Philadelphia to meet the needs of children orphaned as a result of the Civil War. Mrs. Ellen Simpson, wife of Bishop Matthew Simpson, issued a call to the women of the church to organize a charity to provide for the needy orphans. The property and buildings that comprise our Main Campus were a generous gift from Colonel Joseph Bennett in 1879. The diversity of programs offered by Methodist today reflects the changing needs of individuals, children and families in our community. Methodist Services provides the essentials for living and the social, emotional, psychological and educational supports that allow individuals, children and families to achieve their greatest potential. Although our services have changed, our commitment to strengthening families and producing the next generation of leaders has remained central to our mission.

United Methodist Church Connection

Giving A Hope & A Future

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE!” Jeremiah 29:11 Giving hope and a future to children left orphaned and alone following the Civil War was the vision of Mrs. Ellen Simpson and a group of Methodist women. In the late 1870’s, Mrs. Simpson, the wife of the resident Bishop of the Philadelphia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, issued a call to women of the church to organize a charity to provide for needy orphans.  She challenged the original Orphanage Society with these words –  “If we attempt it (founding an orphanage) it means work.  We can only succeed by earnest united effort, standing side by side and above all, by faith in God!” Following temporary locations on Park Avenue and Berks Street in Philadelphia, a generous donation of land from Colonel Joseph Bennett, a local businessman, was gifted at 4300 Monument Road.  The Main Campus location remains, to this day, as the permanent site of Methodist Home for Children and Methodist Services.

Throughout over 140 years of ministry, Methodist Services has maintained a historical relationship with the United Methodist Church, although no organizational relationship exists.  As one of the Health & Welfare agencies of the Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist Church, Methodist Services strives to communicate regularly with constituents of area churches about the ongoing programs and services provided by the agency.  Along with individuals, businesses and community groups, churches have long provided a strong financial support to the Methodist mission of serving children and their families. Whether it has been in response to program appeals, capital campaigns, the Christmas toy drive, other fundraising ventures, or helping us “tell our story”, the church connection has stood in support and contributed greatly to the work of MHC.  Together – we have partnered to give hope, resources and encouragement to countless families in Eastern Pennsylvania.

We welcome the opportunity to share information about our mission and work with businesses, community groups and churches.  If you are interested in engaging a speaker for your group, contact Carole Boughter, Director of Development, at 215-877-1925 ext. 104 or cboughter@methodistservices.org.  Tours of Main Campus are also available upon request.